Local Governments

Program Introduction

The local administrations are obliged to ensure that the local community members who live on a certain geographical area fulfill their own responsibilities with the general authority of economic, social, cultural richness and refurbishment local services in order to meet their own needs and have the authority of openness, transparency and participatory democracy principles. are autonomous, democratic organizations with public legal personality, which are used in the nearest management unit to the local people.

Today, almost everywhere in the world, there is a multi-faceted transformation. This transformation process brought about the inadequacy of the traditional management methods, especially in the field of management, while introducing the concept of multi-actor governance, including elements such as businesses, pressure groups, non-governmental organizations, while taking advantage of private sector management procedures. The concept of governance inevitably influenced local and national governments as well as national and international platforms. In this framework, local governments have tried to renew themselves and 'local governance' has begun to gain weight in order to provide a wide participation in the decision process. Today, it seems that there is a general agreement between central and local governments compared to the past, and even the dominance of the center from the past in sharing authority and responsibility is decreasing and the local administrations are more prominent. For this reason, local governments are accelerating cooperation projects in the formation of local politics, local development, center and private sector as well as other actors (development agencies, NGOs etc). In addition, major changes in the legislation of the Municipality, Municipality and Special Provincial Administration of the Greater City in the process of harmonization with the European Union constitute a very important stage of strengthening and extending the duties and powers of such local government units.

This importance of local governments inevitably increased the importance of qualified human resources needed by local administrations. The problem of not being able to employ qualified and trained specialists in local governments has been trying to solve rapidly in our country. As a matter of fact, it will be possible to meet the needs of this area especially by the departments of Public Administration and especially Local Administrations.

The Local Governments that will begin training in the 2012-2013 academic year will present an understanding of education that teaches how to take local priorities into consideration while globalizing, especially as those who prefer to be future-oriented, have management skills and know the realities of the country.

The lectures will be given by the instructors who have gained experience in doctoral education in the field.

Student Opportunities

There are 25 classes in the high school for the courses of the program to be carried out. Each class has 72 square meters of space. Each class has a capacity of 60 students and has a projection device at 6th grade. There are 4 computer laboratories, 72 square meters in size and at the same time 30 students can be trained. In addition, there are two amphitheaters 130 square meters in size and 125 students can use.

For the students who are studying in our program, examination / research visits will be organized especially to Dumlupınar University and the public administration departments of nearby universities (Uşak, Uludağ, Celal Bayar Universities), Zafer Development Agency, Simav and Kütahya Municipalities, Kütahya Special Provincial Administration. Students will also be allowed to attend the Simav Municipal Assembly meetings periodically. Participation in symposiums, congresses and panels organized by nearby universities and local governments will take place.

Besides our quality education target, besides the high school campus, our students should be aware of the difficulties of transportation and housing due to the fact that there are 500 female and male dormitories connected to the Higher Education Credit and Dormitory Institution Simav Yurt Directorate and many TOKI dormitories around the campus.

Horizontal and Vertical Transit Facilities

As a result of the program, other universities can transfer to the Local Governments Programs, as well as vertical transfer to various faculties' departments of Public Administration, Political Science, Political Science and Public Administration.

Graduation and Employment Conditions

Our students will graduate from the program by completing their 4-semester training with minimum 30 days of internship.

Our Local Governments program provides courses in business administration, management, accounting and computer training as well as specialist courses in the field of Public Administration and Local Government. In this regard, our students who have graduated from a multidisciplinary education as an individual are all public (public institutions, municipalities, special provincial administrations, especially those who do business with these institutions (development agencies, chambers of industry and commerce, associations, foundations, cooperatives, NGOs) and as a manager / manager candidate in private sector businesses, they will be able to find job opportunities easily.


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