Banking and Insurance

Program Introduction

It is to educate professional personnel who have professional knowledge and human communication skills that can effectively carry out all Banking and Insurance transactions with a high level of knowledge in qualifications required by the sector, assimilating concepts and principles related to banking and insurance.

To educate individuals who have adequate infrastructure in banking and insurance fields, who can interpret and evaluate data by using basic knowledge and skills acquired in the field, can define problems in the way of continuous improvement by adopting quality culture, carry out professional plans and projects and develop customer satisfaction. To be able to use the necessary techniques, tools and information technologies for banking and insurance applications effectively, to be able to solve the unforeseen problems encountered in applications, to take responsibility in working groups or to have individual ability to work, to establish effective communication and to follow the innovations in the field. have to train the staff.

Also; knowledge and awareness of occupational safety and health and environmental protection, who are conscious of historical and social values, have social responsibility, have universal, social and professional ethical consciousness, conscious of lifelong learning and follow the developments in science and technology and constantly renew themselves, to follow up the work done in the service sector on the spot and to train the individuals with the application skill towards their profession.

Student Opportunities

In our program there are 25 classes for courses to be carried out. Each class has 72 square meters of space. Each class has a capacity of 60 students and has a projection device at 6th grade. There are 4 computer laboratories which are 72 square meters in size and at the same time 30 students can be trained. In addition, there are two amphitheaters in the area of ​​130 square meters and 125 students can use.

The college library has been arranged and the books and resources have been completed at the number and capacity to support our program.

There are a total of 1602 professional books for use in the department in the Library without Vocational High School, all of which are in press after 1990 and beyond.

In Simav there is also a Dormitory for Girls and Boys with a capacity of 500 people for Girls and Boys.

It has sufficient infrastructure and capacity to maintain the education of all programs due to the building without high school, and the school has local and environmental support which is the biggest need.

The students who will be studying in our program will be able to fulfill the internship requirements within the district or during the holiday period according to the regulation provisions of the internship. Students can practice in all sectors that serve in the public-private sector.

Horizontal and Vertical Transit Facilities

Those who successfully complete the associate degree program in Banking and Insurance can pass the following departments if they are successful in the Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) opened by ÖSYM:
• Actuary,
•Banking and finance,
• Banking and Finance,
• Banking and Finance,
• Econometrics, Economics,
• Economics and Finance,
• Economics, Business Administration,
• Business Informatics,
• Business-Economics,
• Logistics Management,
•Capital market,
• Insurance,
• Insurance and Risk Management,
• International Finance,
• International Business,
•International Business,
•International trade,
• International Trade and Finance,
• International Trade and Business

Graduation and Employment Conditions

Those who graduate from the program can work in the headquarters and agencies of the insurance companies and all kinds of financial institutions, especially the banks, can open their own insurance agencies as well. Especially in recent years, the country has undergone tremendous developments in the insurance sector and this has attracted the attention of many major international insurance and finance sectors in the world and has started to invest in many of our global company countries and as a result, the sector is in need of qualified, dynamic and young people trained in this field. In addition,
• Can be employed in the central departments and branches of the banks,
• Can work in "free" and "bank branch" agencies, which are distribution channels of insurance companies,
• In addition, it can meet the needs of intermediaries in central departments of insurance and reinsurance companies,
• In the Private Pension Funds which are included in the insurance sector in the recent legislative arrangements in our country,
• Dominate the basic principles and concepts of banking and insurance, effectively market all bank and insurance products and services,
• Potential bank clients and policy holders can offer consulting services on basic products and services. In this respect, graduates of the Banking and Insurance Program will not have any problems finding a job.







Last Update Date: 03 November 2023, Friday