Computer Programming


It is a pre-license program that has been opened in the world in order to fill the vacancy in the area of ​​software and hardware of rapidly developing computer technology.

Every student who completes his / her education successfully is given the title of Computer Technician. This training program was planned for two years.

Students who successfully complete Computer Technology and Program will be able to develop programs with today's most popular Software Development tools.


Our program is designed for private and public institutions working in many fields such as Software Companies, Computer Vendors and Technical Support Firms, Banks, Insurance Companies, Business Organizations, Internet Service Providers, Internet Publishing Companies, Radio, Television, Research Companies, will be able to work.

Student Opportunities

There are 3 computer laboratories as well as a vocational high school, a 36,000 m2 covered immovable on a distance of 5 km to the county center and a 14,000 m2 closed area on the immovable. It has a modern building with training hall, administration building, dining hall, cafeteria, workshop, library, campus area. In addition, there is a possibility to accommodate a modern dormitory with a capacity of 500 students (250 Girls + 250 Men) belonging to Credit and Dormitory Institution within the campus area.

Undergraduate programs for Graduates:

Computer Science
 Computer engineering
 Computer Technology and Information Systems
 Computer and Information Systems
 Teaching Computer and Instructional Technology
 Information Systems Engineering
 Information Systems and Technologies
 Information Technologies
Statistics and Computer Science
 Control Engineering
 Computer and Mathematical Science
 Mathematics and Computer
 Meteorological Engineering
 Applied Mathematics and Computer
 Software engineering,

Last Update Date: 03 November 2023, Friday