Program Introduction

The mechatronics division is an interdisciplinary branch that expresses the combination of mechanical, electrical-electronic and computer science branches to solve demand and problems in sensitive and intelligent product design. This department will graduate students as individuals who design mechanical, electrical, electronic and optical components, design electronic devices and communication systems, develop production technologies, establish systems interrelationships and functions and test them in valid physical rules, as required by any complex design. Our associates conduct their work in factory, workshop, or work places, usually in closed areas. As work done is not routine, they constantly solve and design problems. This makes the profession lively and enjoyable. Control of robot systems, installation and maintenance of programmable control systems, operation of computer-controlled machines, working with computer networks, but requires high attention and systematic work.

Student Opportunities

It has a closed area of ​​14.000 m2 on 368.000 m2 of immovable and 5 km to the center of the district with a vocational high school. It is equipped with a training hall, administrative building, cafeteria, workshop, library, computer laboratories, is continuing education and training in a modern campus area.

Horizontal and Vertical Transit Facilities

Horizontal transfers can be made to all vocational colleges with mechatronics programs at universities in the country.

Applicants can pass to the departments of Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Control Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aircraft Electrical-Electronics, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering departments with vertical pass examination.

Graduation and Employment Conditions

Mechanical, automotive, textile, defense industry, plastics, medical electronics, aircraft, energy, communication, petrochemicals, etc. can also work in the fields of mechatronics, public and private businesses. Mechatronics is a developing industry in our country. For this reason, especially in the regions where the industry develops, vocationally trained workers have more opportunities to find jobs. Students graduating from the field of mechatronics, in line with the qualifications they have gained in their chosen field / profession;

Defense industry
Medical electronics
Petrochemical sectors can also work.


Last Update Date: 03 November 2023, Friday