Interior Design


Art and Design is a product of historical, historical, culture that forms the basis of social life. Interior Design is also in this area. Today, people are developing and using unique designs of their own culture and customs by using a combination of aesthetics, functionality and technology. Changing consumer needs and requirements; is increasing the production of "alternative art and design" products in the production systems of enterprises that want to get involved in the sector operating in the fields of interior design. Quality and competitiveness are quite intense, and consumer needs have changed. Today, occupational qualifications to be earned by the people who will be employed in the field of Interior Design have gained great importance.


Graduates will be able to be employed under the title of technician in public institutions. Technician; an intermediate technical element between the senior executive and / or engineer and the technician in terms of his / her task in the field of work, with the technician more theoretical knowledge and the engineer more practical application skill. An individual with these characteristics can assume leadership and managerial roles in small or medium sized businesses.


• Housing Opportunities

In order to meet the needs of our girls and boys, a dormitory of a total of 680 people, which can be accommodated by 500 girls and 180 male students in the city center, has been active in the 2010-2011 school year. Numerous houses, which are heated by geothermal energy in our province, are rented to students with reasonable prices and conditions in the form of student lodgings. Therefore, our students from all over the country do not have a problem of marriage.



Programs that can be transferred horizontally
• Interior Design

Vertical Switching Programs
• Handicraft

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