Program Introduction

ELECTRICITY PROGRAM is given 2 years of education (4 semesters, at least 14 weeks of each semester). Students make 15 days of Industry-Based Education (EDE) at the end of each academic year. The training offered in this program has the qualifications, flexibility and diversity to meet today's technology and meet the expectations of the industry.

Purpose of Electricity Program The aim of the program is to train qualified human resources capable of recognizing all types of equipment and machinery used in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity, measuring, controlling and maintenance applications.

Student Opportunities

There are 3 computer laboratories, 1 electronics laboratory, 1 electricity laboratory, as well as a vocational high school, a 14.000 m2 closed area on 368.000 m2 immovable, 5 km to the district center, educational building, administration building, cafeteria, cafeteria, workshop, library, application It continues education and training in a modern campus area with open air and indoor sports halls. In addition, there is a possibility to accommodate a modern dormitory with a capacity of 500 students (250 Girls + 250 Men) belonging to Credit and Dormitory Institution within the campus area.

Horizontal and Vertical Transit Facilities

Control and Automation Department of Electronics and Communication Technology in Turkey m.y.o all they can transfer to the program.

They are able to make Vertical Transition to Departments of Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Control Engineering, Physics, Aviation Electricity and Electronics, Meteorological Engineering and Aircraft Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Graduation and Employment Conditions

In order to graduate, 120 ECTS courses should be completed with a minimum of 2.00 (4 system) average and 30 workday industry based education (EDE) application should be implemented. Electricity Program graduates, public institutions and establishments, private sector and establishments they have established themselves; They can be employed in installation, installation, maintenance and programming applications in the fields of electrical facilities, electric machines, electrical control and control systems.




Last Update Date: 03 November 2023, Friday