About Us

Simav Vocational School established with the decision of Higher Education Executive Board dated 14.02.1994 and numbered 94.5.332 1994-1995 academic year started learning by taking four programa students. Since the establishment of Simav Vocational School, it has been continuing to raise the intermediate human power which will serve to our country's science, production, trade, industry and technology with an increasing momentum. Our students from all over the country gain knowledge, skills and ability in the theoretical and practical sense. It is a sign of the success of our graduates both in the institutions and businesses they are working with and in their private study fields. Vocational High School will continue to serve itself with renewed and improved every day with the confidence that our country has acquired from higher education and past. We invite all student candidates to share such an academic and professional environment, to provide advanced knowledge and to improve themselves. It has a closed area of ​​14.000 m2 on 368.000 m2 of immovable and 5 km to the center of the district with a vocational high school. It is equipped with a training hall, administrative building, cafeteria, workshop, library, computer laboratories, is continuing education and training in a modern campus area.

Last Update Date: 24 July 2018, Tuesday