Dormitory and Housing Opportunities


          500 students of the Girls and Boys student dormitory affiliated to the Loan and Dormitories Institution are located in the campus of Vocational High School. It is close to the district center and there is no problem about transportation.

         Loan and Dormitories Institution In addition to Student Yurduna, there are special dormitories and pensions for male and female students in the district center. Municipal buses are regularly available for transportation from private dorms to your Vocational High School.

         In a city with a total of 1,200 students and state and private dormitories, our students do not have a problem of marriage.

         There is no need to find a home for students who want to rent a house outside their home country. Firstly, our students stay intensely in the houses constructed by TOKİ, which is located within 5-10 minutes walking distance of our Vocational High School.

         As the houses are heated by geothermal energy in our province, hot water and heating in houses, dormitories and other places of residence show continuity 24 hours a day.

Last Update Date: 24 July 2018, Tuesday