Mision and Vision

Our Aim

Today, when our country wants to be integrated into the European Union, it is to educate technicians and professionals who know the theory, meet the needs of the intermediate human power that can make use of technology and make application.

Our mission

To educate the intermediate manpower with high quality, customer oriented production and marketing understanding required by the private and official institutions or organizations in the fields of economy, industry and social areas of our country and the other production / service fields of our country, and to find solutions to employment problems, equipped, able to make a difference in the work place, increase efficiency and productivity, to meet the needs of our country's high quality intermediate staff is to train.

Our Vision

Graduates who are open, free and scientific in their innovations, who are educated, culturally, lawful, thinking, producing, discussing, collecting services and competing globally, adopting teamwork and contributing economically and effectively in production and service environment train.

Our Goals
• To improve our relations with the organizations that operate in the fields we train and to make the necessary improvements in line with their requests
• Graduates with satisfactory opportunities; to establish a "Human Resources Management System" to provide employment. To provide our students with "English preparation"
• Pioneering the creation of cooperation to provide information exchange through establishments with institutions providing education in the same category as ours both domestically and abroad
• Increasing and improving the programs in our departments in line with the market needs Facilities offered to our students Within the campus area, there are 500 female students from the Loan and Dormitory Institution and a modern dormitory with 140 male students at Simav Center, indoor and outdoor sports hall in the campus area, eynal thermal facilities, Each program has its own laboratory, workshop, green and hot greenhouse areas Cafeteria, cafeteria, library, sports and play rooms serving all of our students

Last Update Date: 24 July 2018, Tuesday