Laboratory Technology


It is a fully applied intermediate training (training) training field related to the breeding-production issues in all areas of agricultural production activities and the problems encountered during processing, storage and transportation. More specifically, it has reached the ability to carry out the analysis of soil which is an environment where agricultural activity takes place, the characteristics of irrigation water and the analysis of these waters, especially the detection of all illnesses and harms encountered during production, the taking of plant samples and preservation in laboratory environment, analysis preparation and analysis Element (technician) training is the main objective of the program. In addition, analysis of drinking water, microbiological analysis techniques in biomass and health related areas and biochemical laboratory techniques are included in the course plan. In the meantime, it is aimed to develop the skills of students to use these laboratory equipments comfortably.

According to the main competition of the global market economy, based on the fact that Turkey wanted to market without encountering any marketing risk in agricultural production products that perform as having the first less than 10 to enter the vision of the near future world agricultural production for the world market, this program-obvious profession will become more important nowadays. In this sense, it is clear that not only the public sector but also the private sector enterprises should establish similar laboratories by investing in this field and having an appropriate market size, so that a product with the quality and related regulations will be required to have similar qualifications in each food operation. It is also aimed to teach the agricultural laboratory techniques and to introduce the tools and devices to be used in the analyzes and to gain the working skills in the laboratory. These elements also include; It is also aimed to train intermediate personnel who will be able to perform practical analysis and evaluate the analyzes made, which can determine methods related to soil, water, plant, food, feed analysis and plant protection techniques.

• Housing Opportunities

In order to meet the needs of our girls and boys, a dormitory of a total of 680 people, which can be accommodated by 500 girls and 180 male students in the city center, has been active in the 2010-2011 school year. Numerous houses, which are heated by geothermal energy in our province, are rented to students with reasonable prices and conditions in the form of student lodgings. Therefore, our students from all over the country do not have a problem of marriage.


Program graduates can enter the undergraduate programs prescribed by YÖK (Vertical Transfer Examination) and enter into the LYS exams made by ÖSYM as they will complete the Bachelor's degree and if they win the Agricultural, Food and Aquaculture Engineering of universities, they will be able to use a significant part of the pre- and finish more successfully.


 Students who have successfully completed the practical training courses of the workplace with a total of 30 working days to be successful from the courses taught in the Laboratory Technology Program will gain the title of Laboratory Technician.

Graduated from Laboratory Technology Program, Laboratory Technicians

1-The units attached to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock;

2-Special agricultural laboratories (soil, plant protection-health, plant nutrition)

3-Food Laboratories,

4- Chemistry Laboratories,

5 - In Gida Quality Control Departments,

6-In the relevant units of the Soil Crop Office,

7-In the laboratories connected to Undersecretariat of Customs,

8- In the organizations affiliated to the Ministry of Environment and Water Affairs,

9- Agricultural Credit Cooperatives

10-In related laboratories of universities,

11- Affiliates to the Ministry of Health, especially in hospitals (biochemistry and microbiology laboratories)

12-Private health institutions,

13-Any kind of food, medicine, agricultural inputs producing factories,

14- Laboratories belonging to private or official institutions that improve waste are working area.

15- In addition, quality control process control and agricultural insurance, consulting and investment areas are also a field of study.

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